We have three groups outside of our national office in Lake Mary, FL.

William "Chap" Lester leads a new group in Edmonton, KY  42129.   You can reach Chap at 270-576-5133.  On Facebook at BikersAgainstTraffickingKY.  Website is:  BikersAgainstTraffickingKY.com

John "Clutch" Drew leads a new group in Groveland, FL.  You can reach Clutch at 352-708-0833.  On Facebook at Bikers-Against-Trafficking-Groveland-FL       (pics for Clutch's group coming soon)))

​Becky leads our Wisconsin group and they are out and about.  You can learn more about them at BikersAgainstTraffickingWI

​Other groups will be starting soon!!!