We started in January 2016 and since that time we have seen some amazing things transpire.  We have been invited to speak at the United Nations and Washington DC, have presented to Mental Health counselors in the State of Florida during the State wide conference that they hold each year, and have had opportunities to set up our booth in Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Leesburg, Orange City, Deland, Lakeland and the list could just go on and on.  We have been on television and the radio, been featured in documentaries, spoken at Air Force Bases, Department of Health, Churches, other organizations and the list just keeps on growing.

We have talked to over 40,000 people face to face about human trafficking and we have a social media presence on Facebook with over 10,000 people on our page.  We send out updates several times a day via Facebook and seek to make people aware of what all is going on.

We have made connections with area biker organizations and have partnered with human trafficking groups throughout Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nebraska, the Netherlands, the Ukraine and Canada.

Plus...we continue to speak, hand out literature and build awareness wherever and whenever we can.

BUT here is what we are finalizing.

We are putting the finishing touches on a relationship that works with the Attorney General and local law enforcement to intervene in the lives of those being held as trafficked victims.  Once the victims are pulled out of being trafficked they are placed in a 24 to 48 hour processing place where their immediate needs are met and plenty of encouragement and love are poured out.

Then the trafficking survivor is handed to us and we have the honor of providing mental health and addiction counseling to help them heal and prepare to live productive lives in the near future.  We operate a mental health counseling center and an addiction treatment center In Lake Mary, Florida where we provide this service.

The last piece we are working urgently on is providing a place to live.  We have slowly been making contacts and it looks like that by the end of 2018 we will have a location up and running (in Seminole County) to house those who are survivors and we are EXCITED about that.

It means that we will be able to walk a survivor from leaving a trafficker and receiving all the care that they will need to heal and be empowered to start a clean, healthy life.

ALSO, there are a couple of other things that are happening and present ways for you to get involved:

1.  First, if you want to help us provide counseling or comfort for those we are helping let us know.

2.  If you want to start a local group of Bikers Against Trafficking then please see our page that tells you how to go about doing that.  We are determined to start groups in every community and State that we can and then to branch out around the world.

3.  We seek to build awareness by spreading material, speaking, etc...  If you want to help us in this way let us know and we will get you material and show you what to do.

4.  Some would like to come help us when we set up at various events.  If you want to be a part of reaching  out at the biker rallies we attend let us know.

5. We also need good computer people to help us keep up to date, speakers to go places and speak about human trafficking, etc...

6.  We are getting ready to do a series of video's that will be posted on Youtube which will train a person about human trafficking.  We want to make the information readily available so if you want to help us with this...just let us know.

7.  If you want to have a fundraiser for BikersAgainstTrafficking.org let us know.  All of the money we receive goes directly into the work of human trafficking.

8.  We have been asked to provide a presence to ward off gangs that are taking girls from safe houses where survivors are being housed.  If you would like to be a part of a team that helps create a safe boundary for those staying in a safe house then get in touch with us.

 We are just getting started.