We are a  not for profit 501c3 organization that is registered under the IRS code under Family4Today, Inc.  We do this because BikersAgainstTrafficking is the motorcycle outreach that is designed to reach out to bikers and those who are like minded.

We do not have chapters because of the difficulty and conflicts that ensue with other organized clubs.  By being a "group" we can participate, have other clubs support us and they can wear the smaller patch that is pictured above on their vests as a "support patch."  Those support patches can be purchased for $10.00 and anyone can wear them.

To organize a group in your area (here is what is required):

1. Fill out an application (each member).  This just lists the basics but does allow us to do a nationwide background check.  The only type of crime that would disallow you from wearing the back patch is a sex crime as a perp.  There is a $50.00 for this background check.  The total fee for membership is $125.00 which includes the back patch, background check and shirt.

2. Designate who is the leader of your group.  We refer to the leader of your group as the Leader.  This person will have to agree to communicate with us monthly.  You can select other people to assist such as communication director, etc...

3.  Your group will have to purchase the back patches, t-shirts, etc... from us and we will offer them to you at cost.

4.  We will create a Facebook page for you or you can create one.  We recommend it start with BikersAgainstTrafficking- and then add your area to the name.  We will put links to that site and your website on the national website.

5.  You will need to conduct one poker run/rally a year at minimum.  75% of all funds raised will be kept for your group to use and 25% will be given to the national organization to help with overhead expenses.  All people connected with BAT are volunteers on every level.  We really don't care when you have the run but feel as it is important to use the run or something similar to build awareness.

6.  Outside of the Poker Run/Rally that is held yearly, each group will be asked to send in 10% of all funds raised to help support the national outreach and organization.  We advertise in national magazines, have a presence in the Netherlands and Ukraine through partnerships and will be developing more of these as the organization grows.

7.  At a certain point in time, we will hold a national or regional rally to educate, equip, empower and just have some fun as a larger family.

8.  You will be asked to complete an online course in human trafficking that we conduct via our  Youtube video.  The link is on our Website.  

9.  Finally, you will be asked to sign a statement supporting the stand against human sexual trafficking.

10.  Last but not least, we will attempt to visit with your group at least once yearly, as we are available and able.

If you feel led to start up a group in your area please let us know.  We have groups in Kentucky, Wisconsin and in Groveland and Lake Mary, FL.  Other groups are starting soon.

Peace out,


*If you would like to apply please click on the application below and print it out and then mail it in.  The Handbook also helps you understand how we are organized.  Thanks.

Please click on the link for Youtube link for basic training 1.    Basic Training 1

Do we have chapters?

We are not a patch chapter organization.  However, we do have Groups that are part of the national organization.  

If you want to start a group in your area here is what is required.